Thursday, July 3, 2008

Record Breaking (W5:D1)

We shot more today than we've been able to on any previous day! 23 camera setups in about 8 hours, pretty fast compared to the speed we have been at, double actually. Kudos to the Cast and Crew for burning through our fastest day yet. Every shot we got today was some of the best I think. Everything pulled together really well. For those of you out there praying for our production, please begin praying for next weeks shoot specifically. We will be shooting the church scenes with lots of extras and a day in a parking lot a day before, lots of logistical things to get ready. Pray that all goes well and everyone who shows up has a positive attitude and is cooperative. Thanks also to everyone keeping up with our blog, sharing the website with others, and all those in prayer. We couldn't be doing this without you!

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