Friday, July 4, 2008

Specialty Shots (W5:D2)

Today was spent gathering things for a montage that takes place in the film so all shots had lots of setup time. The best shot of the day and one of my favorite shots we've captured so far was thought up on the spot. It was gloomy out today and I figured it would be great to get Robby (playing Dave) next to the window with rain coming down. Nice and ghostly and dramatic. Well it poured for a while then stopped so we did some of our first practical effects of the production and had two of our PA's outside holding hoses. Kudos to everyone for getting it to work, it came out fantastic! We are getting closer to the end, still stuff to do but nowhere near what was needed in week #1 :) Thanks to all for keeping up with the blog, we appreciate the support and have a Happy 4th of July! GOD BLESS OUR NATION!

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