Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beauty Shots (W6:D1)

Today was an incredible day of shooting. Dave Gifford playing 'John Corwin' (Dave's dad, and Steven's grandfather in the story) knocked it out of the park. We were all a bit stunned at how well he did today, pulling off what I needed with a lot of professionalism for a first timer. I was so happy to see the scene turn out the way I envisioned it. Also the photography today was special because every shot just seemed to look better and better. The workshop (Dave's workshop), had all sorts of color in the room and interesting things on the counters and the walls. It made everything look very detailed and gave lots of depth. The lighting painted some beautiful shadows on all the knick-knacks and really made the stuff today the best footage we've captured thus far. The spiritual truth in the scene is also some of the most impacting of the story and hopefully will impact the viewers a great deal. I was so glad to see the scene progress properly to get the biblical truth across. It was an incredible day, we will be finishing up things at the house tomorrow with a scene between John and his son Dave. Its another tough day so we'll see how it goes. :)

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lisa j said...

Kevin, Kyle and crew,
The pictures just keep getting better every day: i mean, the "ordinary" homes of the cast and crew look 'extraordinary' on film! The pictures are so warm and rich.
Kyle, i'm so glad that you found your God given talent and are using it to glorify him.
with continued pray for the comming week,
Lisa Johnston