Saturday, June 28, 2008

THE Night Shoot (W4:D2)

Tonight was our first night shoot and man...was it rough. Myself and my Gaffer had never shot anything at night before so already we had a learning curve. I know how our camera handles light but its something Shaun (Gaffer) wasn't used to by any means. Getting exposure was tough. We also started running out of time very quickly and the ability to get the shots planned became impossible. I was nervous all night that what we were shooting wouldn't fit together properly and we would have a large amount of good shots...but thats it. Either way we just pressed on and ended up getting parts of what we needed. We missed some things we'll have to pick up sometime soon to make the scenes work, that includes dialog. So overall the night shoot wasn't such a great experience and I wont forget it. Still I'm glad we pulled out of the night with something to show for it. Next week will be an interesting week, we don't have a lot of shooting days left to use the guys who are down here to help so we gotta kick it up a notch.

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