Thursday, July 10, 2008

Biblical Truth (W6:D2)

Today was a fantastic day. We have been shooting some really gorgeous stuff this week, I'm so excited to see it fall into place. Its a good confidence booster for the rest of the week. Dave Gifford (playing John Corwin) and Robby (Dave Corwin), did a great job today and knocked the scene out of the park. I pushed them a bit harder today than I have thus far but we got it done. I appreciate the patience everyone if your reading this, I have things to learn as well and I'm thankful for the ability to put up with me :) Friday and Saturday will be some rough days and lots will be going on. I hope that the people who signed up to be extras and signed up to bring their cars show up on time and ready to go. It will be interesting for sure.

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Robukka said...

Real interesting the frequent updates the progress. Hard to tell the acting the quality from the stills though.