Saturday, July 5, 2008

Location Hopping (W5:D3)

We spent our first day of shooting in the church today, just in an office but still its a different location so we had our usual complications. Luckily the office we were in had excellent acoustics so the audio was some of the best we've gotten in terms of its "sweetness." Also it was Katie Whitton's (playing Mrs. Harper) first day on set and she was very nervous. It took a while for us to get her into it but we got what we needed. Took longer than we expected so we didn't shoot all that was planned but thats OK, we finished some things :) We also have our new adapter on the camera for the first time today. Our previous adapter needs some fixing and the only way to send it in and keep shooting was to buy another...convenient huh? Of course that gave us issues too because for some reason all the focus was off and we had to figure out way (seems like there is always something). The backfocus marking set on the Nikon mount did not match where it needed to be on the old adapter, so that was exciting. We eventually got it and things are sharp as a tack, something the old adapter gave us problems with hence the needed repairs (the right side of frame had softness problems b/c of a altered prism or mirror in the adapter). All is well now. The next week of shooting is going to be a challenge and we need all of you praying for Fri and Sat especially where lots of logistics need to go well in order for us to have a successful day. These 2 days would be VERY VERY difficult to duplicate and by that I mean practically impossible so pray we get all we need to!

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Ryan Dunlap said...

We'll be praying for you guys. I'm currently in pre-prod setting up logistics... easier said than done, eh?