Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Week...PRAY! (Week 6)

This week we will be shooting the biggest scenes of the movie on Fri. and Sat. at my local church. They are more complex, involve more people, and more setup time than any other things we've shot or will shoot in this films schedule. Please pray that all extras show up on time, excited and prepared to be cooperative. We also need cars to be parked on Friday so we can do scenes in a parking lot and the number of cars confirmed isn't impressive. Pray that all goes well and that both days are extremely productive and protected.

Also those of you who are trying to access our website...sorry but for some reason our site is down today. Its been down a total of 8hrs. I'm doing what I can to resolve the problem, but its really unfortunate as some very important people needed to see the site today. Please pray the server is fixed ASAP.

We're getting close to wrapping things up in the next few weeks, its been a long process...we're almost ready to move onto the next stage. God has brought us a long way. :)

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