Friday, July 25, 2008

Change of Scenery (W7:D3)

Today we moved to a new home to shoot all scenes there in one day. The character of Sarah is played by Joan Golda, a member of Niagara Frontier Bible Church. She did a great job, we burned through her scenes fairly quickly. WE also shot quite a few scenes today, more than usual. Although there was one scene we were unable to shoot. Weather has been a problem this week and today was a beautiful day, perfect outside. Unfortunately its supposed to rain tomorrow and the only thing left to shoot is outdoors so we'll see but it doesn't look good. Either way our speed so far has been great this week, regardless of what we did get to or didn't get to shoot. We shot about 11% of the film this week so thats pretty good considering our previous speed over the last 6 weeks.

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