Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bits & Pieces (W8:D1)

Today was an interesting day. Slow to start but at the end of the day we got some nice stuff. One of those days where we couldn't complete a scene but instead got bits and pieces of things that we need for other scenes, montage, etc. Overall we pulled off some awesome stuff that I'm very proud of.

One thing that I'm excited about overall on this production is the fact we are attempting and completing things that will be in the film that are VERY RARE in productions of this size, budget, and with this amount of crew members. It's exciting to see just whats possible when God is behind the wheel. He's Blessed us so much in this process and it seems like it's getting better and better the more we move along. Hopefully in the end, the film will live up to what you all hope it could be.

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