Sunday, July 13, 2008

Game Time, Half Time (W6:D3)

Today went well, we did our bigger scenes at the church with about 45 or so extras. It was the first time we shot in such a big space so I give props to our gaffer Shaun Smith for doing a great job pulling it off. He had pretty minimal lighting equipment for as far back as we got in some shots and the amount of people we showed. Hats off to the extras who consisted of a few friends, friends and family of people involved in the movie, and some of our church family that showed up to participate. We'll need to get more shots in the church with extras but not like the shots we got today. We completed 10 shots today in about 8 hours. Not bad considering the circumstances. I'll be posting a blog entry sometime this week with a sign-off from three of our crew members who have to leave to go to another production. Crew will be scarce from here on out to complete shooting but we'll pull through.

The next week will be taken off for scheduled reasons with all involved. It will be a good week to relax, re-evaluate and plan for the remaining scenes, etc. After 6 weeks I could use a little break :P Overall though I've been extremely proud of what we've gotten so far and the crew and their patience, our actors for performing 10 fold of what I was expecting, and for just the awesome experience of making this movie so far. Lots to be learned in such a short amount of time. I find myself laughing at the fact I've never done this before, and how great it is to see things falling together after over a year of pre-prod and financing. I was sitting in the back of the sanctuary today and looking at all the extras and the lights and my crew and the storyboards in front of me and thinking..."all this because one day I had an idea." Its a funny moment I suppose but something I'll remember forever. This is what I'm supposed to be doing, what I'm meant to do...time to follow that path. Praise be to God for his awesome Mercy in letting us do something so cool for his Glory.

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