Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Surroundings (W3:D4)

We shot in a new location for the first time today since production started. Luckily we finished all scenes that took place there in one day because moving all the equipment is a serious hinderance. Just like the previous day we had a shot in the kitchen that after seeing played out just seemed to work in a wide shot even though the conversation is easily a page and a half. The actors pulled it off after a bunch of takes as well as myself shooting with the camera, and Jeremy on boom trying to mic the shot from a very awkward position in the corner of the kitchen counter. Either way we pulled it off...kudos to everyone for once again having patience and to the Whitton family for letting us fill their house with people for a day.
Not sure what the schedule will be for next week, thats up in the air because we are running out of things to shoot that will make the days easier. So odds are from now on we'll be burning the midnight oil (not that we haven't already lol) to get things moving right along into July.

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