Friday, June 20, 2008

Impromptu (W3:D3)

Today was an interesting day. We only had one actor today so we had planned to shoot one scene only and pieces of it only. But then we started thinking about other scenes that might have Eric (playing Steven) solo within the scene. We planned to shoot any scenes that take place in his room at a later date but we saw one of the rooms in the house and said "you know what, we could turn this into a bedroom." One couch/pull-out-bed, gaffer taped picture frame, blanket and pillow later we had a bedroom. Everything within the frame says bedroom, everything outside...well then we'll leave that to the imagination.Also we did probably one of the hardest shots of the shoot so far. A long take of Maggie and Steven walking towards camera in conversation outside. It was difficult to mic, shoot, pull focus for, light, and hard for the actors to get their lines right. We did a record 30 takes of it. Sun kept going in and out as well because of the clouds so some takes are drastically different from others and we had no time to do other angles so we needed a one shot does all version of the scene. Sooner or later we got it, now I have to figure out which take/takes we're the good ones :P Thanks to everyone for their patience too, that was quite the experience to get that thing done. We also had audio issues which was exciting. Looks like when we have our hyper-cardiod mic indoors our sound guy Jeremy can have the level hit a certain place before they clip where the shotgun outside has to be leveled to clip below 0...something the hyper doesn't require. It was odd but we think we figured it out, the audio comes out fine it just takes some doing to actually get it set. Tomorrow we shoot at a new house for the day to get all the scenes that take place there complete. Wish us luck and pray for us!

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