Saturday, June 7, 2008

Enjoying the Outdoors (W1:D2)

We shot outdoors for the first time today, what a scorcher. We had to rush to beat the sun and get our sequence shot in the first few hours before the sun got too high. Our Gaffer/Lighting Director Shaun Smith did a fabulous job lighting the scene. It got up to about 93 Degrees by the middle of the day and tons of humidity. Going inside to shoot for the rest of the day made me feel better till I realized I forgot the AC must be turned off for sound (DOH!). It wasn't 93 in the house but by the end of the day we were all sweaty regardless. Overall a great day though, tension had subsided since the first day and the second day was pure business. We still have kinks to work out to get things running as smoothly as I would like but thats ok.
I'm very impressed with the amount of professionalism on the set, especially in the people who really don't have any filmmaking knowledge at all. We will have different PA/Grip volunteers as production progresses and the past two days have given me a good idea of how that'll go as we continue. Not a complainer to be found. Move this, move that, grab this, help with this, etc. Everyone did as they were told when they were told, a good sign for the days when things will be very crazy and hectic.

Next week we start the first scenes with actual dialog, that'll be an experience. God Bless!

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Stacy said...

WOW!! I am so thrilled to know that this movie has begun production! How exciting. You are doing a great job!!

~Stacy Worczak