Thursday, June 12, 2008

Very...Productive (W2:D2)

After yesterdays fiasco, and fixing the camera equipment at home...I was a little nervous when I got to set today. Luckily all was well and we got going right away. We had the pace flowing much faster and completed more shots before lunch than we've been able to crack in a day thus far. We completed a new shot from concept to setup to completion every 30 mins, not bad for the 4 CREW people we had today including myself. Cast was awesome today as well, very surprising. The stuff they had to pull off today was very minimal in dialog and had emphasis on facial movement, and they pulled it off exceptionally well. Thanks guys!

Today was also the first day with a long scene of that sort where there are lines in between, close ups, masters, separate angles for coverage, etc. in one sequence. We haven't shot something like that yet and I hadn't planned and put together a shot list like that before either. All was well though and when I got in the edit bay today and did a throw together, things went together very nice.

If we can pull off a day like today for the remainder of the schedule, we'll be well on our way.

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