Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Times... (W4:D1)

Today was one of those funny goofy days. The scenes we had lined up were a bit more fun for the actors, not too serious. It allowed them to have some fun. For instance, one shot involved Robby (playing Dave) throwing a sock at Eric (playing Steven) so that wasn't exactly painful to shoot. The bloopers were priceless as well, maybe sometime soon I can put together a giant blooper reel on the website from the footage we've shot so far.Tomorrow we aren't shooting until later in the day because tomorrow is our first and hopefully only Night Shoot. Pray that all goes well and that we get everything we need. Things have been going well, lots more to go but we've been plugging along and moving forward. Only this week and 2.5 more weeks that my out of state crew is here so our goal is to get the most difficult stuff done in that time and the local crew will finish the rest. Thanks for all the support everyone, I hope you enjoyed the newsletter and the gallery!

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