Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Parking Lot (W9:D3)

After getting rained out the first time it was scheduled, we finally got around to getting the exteriors at the church shot. The rain was moving in slowly during the day, with a huge storm passing just north of us the entire time. The clouds became an issue because we had some sunny hard light on a lot of the shots we did right away then soft ones when we needed to do other things. That became an issue when the shots from afternoon and morning would have to be cut together. So when we were inside trying to make a decision the sun blasted through the clouds for about an hour and we ran outside to get things shot as fast as possible. To make an understatement....I got a little intense. ;)Either way we got what we need shot (I hope), and moved it indoors to get some other things shot before the day was over. We have been moving very quickly lately. Everyday this week just before we leave everyone asks "Now there isn't anything else we can do right?" Then when I mention there is I get "WELL LETS SHOOT IT THEN!" :) So we've been getting quite a bit done. I'm a bit nervous because I'm behind on getting the footage into the computer to view so its got me a little on edge about the footage itself and whether or not we're getting things right. We'll find out soon enough...

Something else that was cool was a lady pulled into the parking lot while we were shooting with a flat tire and we were able to help her out. We also gave her a DVD from our Churches Media Ministry and invited her to church this sunday. What a cool little Blessing added to the day. Was it by chance she had a flat...I think not!

We also did our first handheld shooting today using our new shoulder mount setup. Its been very useful this week with its grip handles and solid base. Even when not in use as a shoulder setup it has the ability to be hooked to the tripod and it makes our overall setup much more sturdy and solid. We had it sent with 2 day shipping because a friend of mine had gotten it in the mail and realized he didn't need it. This thing has a 60 day wait on shipping for those who order and we got ours in 2 days. THANKS JOHN!!! Another small snippet of how God is working out little problems with our production. :)

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