Thursday, August 7, 2008

Change of Plans (W9:D1)

Well today the weather was pretty bad so we came up with the idea to move to the church down the road. Niagara Frontier Bible Church (home church of a lot of the people involved with the film) is the church we are using for our church scenes indoors and out. We without having prep, shot a few scenes that take place there indoors that we had planned for a little later. It took a while to get the boulder moving not being prepared and all, but eventually we got going. The footage came out great and we got to do a few scenes that really start to tie the story together. Its exciting to finally see some select scenes working and becoming what I've been hoping for. Special thanks to Maggie Whitton who is playing Maggie Harper in the film, for being woken up at home and rushing to set because of our sudden change of plans. Thanks Maggie! Tomorrow we have decided to shoot more of the church scenes and just get a bunch of them done. Schedules for people are getting tight so we had a production meeting to try and come up with something that worked a little better for everyone. Keep praying for Sat. that we can get done what we need. :)

OTHER NEWS: A childhood friend of mine and a special part of our church family, Karen Ortman, passed away on the 5th of Aug. She was 25, and a wonderful woman of God. May God comfort the Ortman family and Karen's fiance Chris, as they go through this tough time. Pray for comfort and healing, especially for unsaved friends and family of Karen. Her smile and joyful personality is what I will remember most. We love you Karen!

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Carla said...

The beauty of such a awful loss is knowing that God is in charge and has a plan and that he will bring more beautiful from this tragic loss! Please know that the family and friends of this wonderful girl are in our thoughts and prayers, I pray God gives you the peace and understanding that only he can give! Praise God!