Wednesday, August 13, 2008

God At Work (W10:D1)

Today was an INCREDIBLE day of shooting. We started off the day at 7am out in the back woods to reshoot a previously shot scene because of audio problems. Because I have been so overloaded with things to do for the film...I hadn't had a chance to rewrite the scene the previous night. The scene didn't play exactly how I wanted the last time regardless of the audio quality so it was a great opportunity to figure it out. Eric, Maggie, and myself sat at the table figuring out how to create the dialog between the two characters. We needed to make the scene fit more with the character arc that had been created in the later bits of the film and currently the scene didn't fit. After just a short half hour we had a great scene that I believe is of the Lord and it came out wonderful! Everyone is getting so much better and faster when we shoot, its great to see and now is the time for it to be happening besides.

Then we shot our first scene that included my mother Deb playing the role of Jen Corwin. I can't explain the context of the scene but let me tell you it came out very special. Some improv was added into the scene that we decided to keep and overall the scene came about 10x better than I expected or had written down on the page. Kudos to everyone for putting up with my fast pace today, we got the last bit of that scene shot as rain started to drizzle down on us. We then went inside and gathered bits and pieces from previously shot scenes that we had either forgotten, or didn't realize that we needed. Along with that lots of ideas arose on the spot that came out great as well as me adding an entirely new scene to the film! It was short but I think it will add another slice of flavor to one of the characters. By that time it was about 6:30pm and we all decided it was time to pack up to move onto location #2 for the day.Forestview Church of God, a local church near ours is the home church of our gaffer Shaun Smith. They were gracious enough to let us shoot there for a scene of the film and gave permission only 2 days before we had to shoot there. Everyone was excited, interested, supportive, and patient with us as we came in and took over part of the building for a few hours. Mike Cooper, a friend of mine and youth leader at my local church Niagara Frontier Bible, came out to film his scene of the film and man was it great! He had to give a message to the youth sitting around him on chairs in a circular shape and repeat the message many times over. The extras that came were all friends of mine besides one exchange student from Germany who was visiting here. The scene went very well and the shooting went relatively smooth. I've never needed to get so many angles before, especially in the circular pattern. It can get very complex and the edit will be no less complex I'm sure. But it went well and the footage is gorgeous. Thanks to all for this awesome long but productive day of shooting!

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