Friday, August 22, 2008

Game Time, Full Time (W11:D4)

Today closes our most hectic shooting week to date. We shot 4 days and totaled about 50hrs worth of shooting time. Thats a lot considering our previous week schedules, some of the earlier weeks in production hitting the 24hr mark in 4 days...very little shooting for a feature. Either way this was our second day with church extras and we concentrated mostly on scenes based in the hallways and foyer of the church. It went well, last time we shot with extras we got 5 shots, and today we got 15 shots, much improved on our last amount. Everyone was cooperative and it was pretty intense. We had lots to shoot, and little time to get it shot. On top of that we had many, many angles to get for one of the scenes and having extras makes that complicated when you consider continuity. I had to change my planned shots there on set as everyone waited around and it made me a little nervous. Almost every day of shooting is a guess unless its a straight dialog scene with reverses. You go in with storyboards and shotlists saying "yea that'll cut together great," but your rarely 100% on that. It's a little scary but we pulled through. Unfortunately we'll have to plan another day to do some scenes but in terms of full shooting days like this with lots of people and chaos, nope. We have very few scenes left to shoot, we are VERY close.Also on a side note I wanted to throw a heads up that I'll have 2 radio interviews in Sept. that I will post on the website to download/listen to when they are available. Dates to be announced in the future. Thanks to all for support! WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!

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