Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Night Shoot #2 (W11:D1)

What a great day of shooting. The last night shoot was to put it simply...a disaster. This night shoot however turned out wonderful. We got some excellent footage and even though the number of things we got was minimal, its some of our best. Special thanks to Kevin Campbell for coming out on this cold night (because it IS getting cold around here already....brrr) and standing in front of hot lights (lucky) for a little while ;) It went great, we also had shot a full day prior to that so it was a good 18hr day or so.We were all exhausted in the end and I slept on set because we had an 8am calltime the next morning. Tomorrow is the last day involving Robby Reisman and Eric Steven (playing the leads) in scenes together at the main home in the film. The only other scenes with both of them are off this property, thank goodness. Everything went well, Praise God.

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