Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Intensity (W12:D1)

Today was a rough day for everyone. We were down a crucial crew member so things were a bit harder than usual. We also had quite a few scenes to complete and lots to go right for the day to be a success. Overall it went well, the last shot was filmed just as exposure with the camera became impossible lol. The sun was going down. The day was perfect though in terms of weather, not a drop of rain, cloudy so all the light outside was nice and soft and really gave everything a nice color and look without having to do much of anything. It was tough on the actors however because it was nothing but arguments, apologies, spreading the gospel, you know the usual :) Everyone was shot by the end of the day and it became hard to get lines out. One of the most intense and "loud" scenes in the film was shot today so that didn't help. Lots of sweat, tears, and anger shed today, everyone go through it though. Overall a good day of shooting. The next month (sept.) will be finishing up all sorts of bits and pieces of things we need with the beginning of the film and ending of the film being shot within 2 days. So plan on the blog being a bit spotty in terms of there being normal shooting weeks with regular posts like this. You wont see that after the next few. Keep praying for us, pressure is high, everyone is fried and tired, but we'll get through it. You don't come this far to give up.

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nmanuel001 said...


Its good to see you on the big screen. Love and miss you, Beaney
Brockport, NY