Thursday, August 21, 2008

8 Hrs...1 Yard (W11:D3)

Today was a day that felt longer than it was. We had a few scenes to shoot and 2 to reshoot on one front yard today. It's weird shooting so much in a space that small and with the variety of stuff we needed to catch but it was great getting it done. We also added a small change to the story the night before that makes everything tie together better. I got one word for you..."froglegs?" Yuck, anyways I wont explain that (don't want to ruin something in the film now do we?). The day went well and we shot quite a bit for the amount of time we were there. The pages we needed to shoot that day was many and by the end of the day we got through most of it. Schedules are tight and we are getting a bit stressed about having to come back and get extra things before leaves change, before peoples time runs out, etc. We'll get through it though. After what happened on Tuesday (read the Aug. 19th post called "A Miracle of God") we know we'll be ok. Lots has happened to let us know that we are ok and will get this thing done. Tomorrow is a big day...lots to shoot, little time, few helpers, what's new? :)

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