Monday, October 27, 2008

Web, Video, & Publicity Updates!

The Standing Firm site has a new face today, and lots of new content added, changed, and updated. You'll notice a link to a new video. That being said, the Videos page is now active and will stay that way! :)

You'll find new videos posted there as time goes on. Be sure to check out the newest video added called Fun & Bloopers.

You'll notice at the bottom a section called Comments. Read what's there and leave us a note! :)

Also, on KKLA 99.5FM in Los Angeles Nov 1st @ 9PM PST tune in to hear STANDING FIRM as a topic of discussion. Visit to listen in live on the day!

Also the About page has been updated with the updated synopsis, and a few other things there like a list of who could relate to the film and why/how it might impact you or those you share it with!

For those of you who haven't checked in a while, the Gallery has some great screenshots from the film.

Something else that is new that you might not know about is the new Praise Pictures website. The site has been pretty empty for a while but now we have updated and filled it with usable resources. The most notable to be our reviews of past released and new Christian movies! Visit for details.

BIG NEWS: (as if all the rest wasn't enough) There will be in the near future an interview coming at with Kyle Prohaska, Co-Producer/Writer & Director of STANDING FIRM. Dates are not yet known and we will let you know when things become available. is one of the biggest Christian Movie News sites available, and many watch this site for news including interviews. This interview will be on their website with lots of other interviews of high profile people including Alex & Stephen Kendrick (Facing the Giants & Fireproof), Andrew Stanton (Director of Wall-E), Ben Burtt (Sound Design Legend), and many others. The fact that we have been given the opportunity to put our little project out there amongst names like this is truly a miracle of God!

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Bro Bob said...

Good job on everything Kyle. Really loved seeing the BTS production stills. It is great to see everything "coming together". The Lord is blessing!