Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Fellowship (W19:D1)

Today was a fun shooting day. The amount to shoot was minimal but it was great because it was our last of shooting in our main house location (in the day at least). The footage looks great, we keep getting better and better. It was nice because Kevin Michael (Co-Writ, Prod, Prod. Sound) was able to stay home today to assist, something that has changed since Sept. because of Kevin's job as a teacher. So we had 4 people on set today (including Robby as Dave), a number we haven't seen in a little while. We've been shooting a lot of days lately with 2 crew and 1 actor on set. Sounds impossible? Not for this tight group of Christian folk. :)

Also an interview was done with today. The interview went extremely well and I look forward to seeing the finished article. We will be sure to let you know when its there. Best part about this is other news sites use their news and syndicate it, so this article and interview might be our best publicity for quite sometime. I'm extremely excited to see what God does, because I spilled my guts in the interview.

Only a little farther to move the ball, 4th Down, 10 yard line, our defense is strong and our offense is we go.


kyle shim said...

Hey Kyle I cant wait to see this man I love your work!

John Carter said...

Following you guys. Do you have stills of your shoots? It would be cool to see.

Kyle Prohaska said...

Hey John, What do you mean? Production Stills of the film itself (photo versions of the screen grabs?) or BTS photos?