Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Funeral #2 (W20:D1)

Today we finished off pieces of the funeral we needed. We finished the funeral ceremony itself but we needed to collect what happens afterwards. Everyone did a wonderful job and I'm proud of them. Dave Gifford playing John Corwin was wrapped today so congratulations Dave! Your work on the film is awesome and we'll miss having you around. The footage came out very nice today as well, we put everyone near windows which isn't normally done but the bloom effect looks great on camera, and it matches the style of the funeral ceremony we previously shot. Everything came together well and editing the footage today I found it all fit together seamlessly. From the ceremony, to todays shooting, to what happens after. All flows together well and I think the opening of the film is going to be something that really sets you up well for the mood of the film. It's not an exploding house sequence or car chase, but it'll still pull you in. That's our hope at least.

Also if you haven't caught it yet, the radio broadcast that played on KKLA in LA last night is available on the podcast feed for Last Words Radio Click Here. Visit for other broadcasts and information about their radio ministry.

Click on Nov 1st. to download that days broadcast...we are mentioned about 6mins in. Special thanks to Greg for his thoughts about the film! We're glad your excited as much as we are!

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