Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trailer Prayers

OK here is the deal. We have a new trailer cut together for all of you out there. Excited? So are we. The trailer has been shown to many select people for feedback and tweaks and we have something we are really happy with. One slight hang up though. The music used towards the end of the trailer that practically carries its emotional tone will cost us a little bit of money. Problem being, that money doesn't exist. I wont give you the quote because that isn't important and is confidential information between us and the licensing company.

What can you do about it? Well there is always the option of donating. We don't want to push that agenda as much as the next one. We want you to PRAY. PRAY PRAY PRAY. Pray that the amount needed would show up in some way. We don't have the amount needed and need God to bring it for us to use the song.

After a certain point if nothing happens we will recut the trailer to something we can use. That'll just prolong the trailer release as we are really trying to concentrate on getting the actual film put together. Trailers are a whole new ball-game in terms of their complexity and making them effective. We also have a big press opportunity coming up I wont shed details of now but it will be big for us, the biggest we will probably get until many many months from now. We can recut the trailer, but God can do anything right? If this is the trailer he wants us to use, the money will show up. If not...then we recut it.

Either way ask God to bring us the answer and quickly, ideally before the big press opportunity. Having the new trailer debut along with it would be extremely beneficial.

Lets see what God does, he could have something up his sleeve.



12/05/08 - We currently have 26% of the needed funds!
12/07/08 - We currently have 45% of the needed funds!!


Jsimpkins said...

May God Bless you and provide your needs. May He make clear His will and may your trailer and film reach the right people for the right reasons. May God give you strength and endurance and protect you in this journey in Jesus name, Amen

Nathyn Brendan Masters said...

Prayed for your production. And I pray that your faith fails now.


Anonymous said...

In Jesus Name, We agree that the amount, needed will come at His desired time of arrival, and the Glory will be all His. He is never early, never late, always on time. God bless you, knowing He has never let me down, ever... Mary in OH.

janice said...

God is good all the time,all the time God is good.
His plan has, and is going forward in this film. This past year has unfolded with many unexpected events for you. I am excited for all of you in this life changing journey all of you have been on.
It has been awesome getting each months newsletter.
Our Lords hands will continue to bless you. In all things acknowlege him and he will direct you.
I am praying for you.

Aunt Carla said...

I'm will continue to pray for God to bring what he wants for you guys and this film. I am so excited for your film to come and I talk about it often to all! This journey has been wonderful for not just you but us who are following it! And yes God can do anything! Amen