Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Having a Post-Perspective

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about all you loyal Blog subscribers and readers :)

The film is not wrapped yet, we are attempting to schedule the last of the last right now. December as you can imagine causes issues for scheduling, but what month so far hasn't? Don't worry we'll be done soon, I've said it before but there really isn't any other word to use. It's all very small stuff so we should get it done quickly.

Post-Production on the film is in full swing. What does that mean for you? Well once the picture is officially wrapped we will be creating an entirely new blog directly on the Standing Firm website to serve as our main blog from end of Production all the way until whatever ends up happening with the film (release, premiere, distribution, news, etc.). We look forward to really beefing up the inside info about the film as Post gets going really intensely. What is involved in Post-Production? Eh not too much, just editing, sound mixing and recording, ADR, foley, the score (looking forward to sharing small bits of this in the future), Visual Effects (yes we have a few to do seems like the fun never ends), Color Correction, Behind the Scenes content, DVD Menus, DVD Artwork, a new completed final trailer, Final Encoding and Mastering to DVD. There are lots of subcategories included in there but I wont mention what those are.What we will try and do as Post-Prod goes along is give you an insight into what goes into Post-Production by visiting each of the corresponding topics. Hopefully the new blog will be a place where you can learn quite a bit about the technical side of filmmaking if you don't know much already, and for those who already know a lot...maybe you'll pick up a thing or two.

You'll be surprised to know the entire film (capture files, Final Cut Pro project, posters, website, encoded web files, audio wavs, etc.) is only reaching bout 520GB as of today. Not a lot considering the length of film we are creating (90 minutes as a goal). Yes we are backing it up, don't worry. :)

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