Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Blog Moves...

The time has come! Our Blog is moving to its new location on our official Standing Firm website! This gives us more control over the Blog and lets us add new features we couldn't here. No worries this Blog will stay here if you've linked anything to here on your websites or facebook posts or emails. The current archive has been imported into the new blog however so no matter what we'll have a full collection of entries for your enjoyment.

Posts are categorized into areas of Production so you can go through the entire journey of the film from Pre-Production, to Production (filming), and Post as well as News/Press.

What does this new Blog have for you? You'll notice some useful links to the right when you visit. Links to popular Christian websites we support, and also the websites of other Christian Films in production or recently released. Please use these links to your advantage, and share these other films with the people you know! Also if you would like to comment often, there is now the ability to create an account (with an avatar), sign in, and comment to your hearts content! Leave us messages of encouragement, bible verses that come to mind while your in prayer, or anything else that you might want. Besides us posting, your responses help keep the Blog alive and kicking. Let us know that you like what we're posting, or that you don't. The more of it you say you like, the more of it you'll get!

Also the crew page is being rebuilt on our website. Right now you can find biographical information on myself and Kevin Michael and learn how we came together to create our company, and a lot more. It seems like every new story about the creation of this film builds on another. We will add more crew member bios as we're able. Click here to see them.

Consider this the last post in this location. The U-Haul has been unpacked, furniture and the proper furnishings are in place, and we're ready to begin a new! Visit The New Blog

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