Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Man Crew, Part Two (W15:D1)

Today was an interesting day, we only had one scene to shoot. We could have shot more but because of one important but stupid sounding problem, we couldn't. Ready for this?....BEARD CONTINUITY. Yea you heard me, a beard. The scene that was top priority was our last outdoor scene (thank goodness, weather is becoming an issue) and the beard needed to be a certain length, but the other planned scenes indoors required a longer beard. So we stuck to the one priority scene outside and go that done. It took a while longer than I would've liked, but all the equipment was at the church down the road and in the confusion we forgot a few things, was making a few mistakes along the way during shooting, etc. But we ended up getting it done. Very few days left to shoot. I'm looking forward to getting things wrapped up.

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