Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Newsletter - 09.17.08

There is a new newsletter available to you:

It's worth a look, some information on another Christian production company based in Ohio that needs your help! Also Fireproof is released in just about a week, times a tickin. If you haven't bought your tickets yet visit to find a theater and purchase tickets now.

This Saturday is the last big day of shooting, we have a few more days after that but this one is the last big day with extras, and lots to shoot in a short amount of time. Fun times. Pray that all goes well! Sorry I can't clue you into what is being secret...for now.

Also we have some Post-Production expenses we need to take care of to finish the film. If any of you out there even have 10 bucks you can donate, we would appreciate the support. The fundraiser ends a while from now so you all got plenty of time if your a saver. Hopefully something happens :)

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Leonardo said...

Could you maybe elaborate slightly on what kind of post production you have? Thanks.