Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Funeral (W14:D1)

Today was a long and tough day for everyone. It was Eric Stevenson's (playing Steven) last day on set minus any last minute re-shoots that may or may not take place. It was also a tough day emotionally for the actors because of the performance needed without any dialog. Much needed to be said without anything being said, and the fact that it involved a funeral made it all that much more real. We were lucky enough to have a real casket and a real hearse donated for a few hours graciously by Hardison Funeral Home of Lewiston, NY. The light outside was perfect for the shots we needed, not a single light was brought out or bounce card or flag or anything of the sort. The footage turned out amazing, I'm very happy with what we got.

From there we moved inside, we had just enough extras to pull off what we needed. A third of the people who had signed up to arrive did not show but just enough showed up that were not on our list to fill in the gaps. Everyone was very patient with us and had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out if your reading this, none of this is possible without all of you.
We are about 95% of the way done with shooting, the remaining 5% will be the hardest to get in terms of scheduling. Thats just the way things "worked out" I guess, and by that I mean "thats the way God ordained it to be." We'll see what happens, we are close, very...very...close. I can't wait to see what God does during the next and last 5%.

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