Saturday, March 29, 2008

Keep that ball a rollin!

It's almost April, 2 months before shooting.  Things are picking up quickly and lots of work is yet to be done.  Production spreadsheets, shot-lists, storyboards, wardrobe, still scraping together funds, contacting more people to generate awareness, etc. is all being worked on.  Time is a little tight but its now or never...keep praying that the Lord brings aspects of the production into place.  

One neat little thing to add that some of you may want to pray about is a local church about 5 minutes from my home seems interested in helping with the production.  Not sure in what way yet, but hopefully God does something awesome.  I met with the Assistant Pastor from the church yesterday and the conversation was very exciting.  We both knew God brought us into contact with each other because he had found a video of mine on YouTube (an older video I had done), and thought it was great.  He wanted to see who had made it to contact me and he noticed Ransomville, NY on my profile...which is where his church is located.  We'll see what God does with that.

Just a shout-out to another Christian Production and Company that is currently making films for God's glory...  The Advent Film Group, who is finishing up its first feature production and releasing it soon.  I had the opportunity to chat with the head of Advent, George D. Escobar today and the conversation was excellent.  They really have the right idea down there in VA.  Check their site out as well as their films trailer.

Other than that keep praying for us, the things to do are many and the time to do it in is short.  Don't forget if your reading this to keep spreading around the website to everyone and anyone you can!

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