Wednesday, April 16, 2008

God at work, when things seem silent...

Since the last post, numerous things have been taken care of....Praise God!  

1) Our Budget to shoot the film is currently taken care of as far as we know. We are on the edge but we are much farther along than we were, which wasn't a good place to be. We also have finally gotten our bank account setup for our company and gotten all the necessary paperwork completed. 
2) We have been able to secure 2 crew members for the production with experience. Travis Herche who recently got done working on No Greater Love, and Jeremy Clayton who just got done working on Come What May. Travis will fill as AD and Jeremy as Production Sound. I'm glad to have two full-time workers in those positions, thank the Lord.
3) Recently (and this isn't 100% taken care of but close), a guy at my church got me in contact with a guy from Houghton College, a Christian college about 2hrs from my home. He drove down for an interview last Saturday and will if all goes well be taking my place in the role of Steven Corwin. That means my problem of wearing too many hats would be lifted some b/c I can concentrate on BTS specifically...still many hats to wear but not as many. 
4) About $275 was donated within the post time, little bit or not it helps... Even more awesome, the man who donated the most so far is a man I greatly respect who normally wouldn't have this money to give. So may he be blessed for his faith in the project.
5) The ability to get the 35mm adapter we wanted was smashed by shipping problems. The option was to get it but it would only be shipped by the 15th of May...way to close to production. Luckily someone I know who I recently got our Tripod for the production from has the adapter I need and is willing to sell it as well. Many other equipment problems have been worked out and are ready for purchase.
6) Production Breakdowns, Shot Lists, Wardrobe Groups, Schedule, etc. all be done by myself is amazingly going pretty smooth. I've gotten much more done than I would've ever expected. Thank the Lord for his ability to push me through with so much to do.
7) Our deal with our composer fell through about a month ago and I've been hard pressed to find another. Out of the blue I got an email from a professor at W. Oregon University interested. His credentials are spectacular...very very incredible. Not only is he willing to work for free, but I have no doubts his work will be awesome if given the time to compose that he needs. His goal is to further the Kingdom of God...what a person to have on board! He'll be sending a demo to me soon, we'll see what happens.  

I'm sure there are things I have forgotten but there is some neat stuff going on. God is good. I just thought any who would be praying for us would love to hear God's progress on our project. Thanks for all who have prayed and continue to pray for us.

I came across Psalm 25-27 the other day...its been an excellent verse to read in the morning to reflect on how far we've come in a year since we started this, and how far God has brought us, and to keep at it no matter what the Devil might throw our way.

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