Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Plan, Plan, Plan...and Pray

Pre-Production is still underway and has progressed quite a bit since the last post.  Crew still isn't completely settled but things are starting to fall into place.  A few people have come up all of a sudden that hopefully will work out just great so praise God for meeting that need!  Our budget is still a bit of an issue but God will provide.  We aren't short by much, but enough for it to be a concern.  A few thousand dollars is all we are short, not a lot by a big budget movie standards but for us...it's enough.  If anyone out there feels led to donate (I don't care if its a heart felt 20 dollars), it would be greatly appreciated.  

We now have our 2 main roles filled as well, something thats been tough to figure out.  The role of Steven Corwin will go to.....*drum roll*...myself. :)  I've been looking at whoever will give an ear to the part but none have met up to what I think is needed to pull off the role.  The role of Steven was written into the project as myself, what I would say, how I would react, etc. so I sorta dug my own grave by doing it that way.  Finding another one of myself to play a roll turned out to be impossible.  No big deal though, if thats what has to be done then so be it!  That puts more pressure on the crew however and more trust because I'll have to be sure that when I'm in front of the camera, things look good behind it.  Video feeds are your friend :P  The role of David Corwin will go to Robby Reisman, a member of NFBC.  I'll elaborate more on him in a further post, as well as updating the website with his bio and photo.  Also, supporting roles have mostly been filled at this point.  Check the Cast & Crew page to see who's playing what.  Bios and photos of all of the wonderful folks playing each part will be added as time goes on and the information is available.

If you haven't seen already, a prayer list is available on the Standing Firm website for those of you who are interested.  It lists specific things that we need prayer for.  Prayer is the fuel in the engine of any Christian project, we're no exception.  Please pray for us and spread the word to your Christian friends & families.  

Also, we would love to hear from those of you out there who are thinking of us.  Please leave us a comment on the comment page.  A word of encouragement will go a long way...

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