Monday, May 26, 2008

Prep, Crew, Birthdays, & Sneak Peeks...SERIOUSLY?

We are a little over a week away from the beginning of production...very exciting. Our first crew member from out of state arrives tomorrow. Lots of loose ends to tie up this week to be ready and prepared for Day 1. Also, I'm curious what my birthday on June 2nd will bring. I wont reveal my age for my own reasons ;) Not much else to report but here is a quick look at what the camera setup we've put together can achieve. These are from recent camera tests done this month, in natural light. The pictures themselves aren't very large (I apologize) but they give you an idea of the kind of quality we hope to achieve during filming.

Special thanks to John Wee for helping us gather the proper equipment for this production, including most of the Camera equipment. You the man John! :)

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John said...

Now, thats proper, form now on your production will be blessed ! :P The chooo choooo chooooo WITHOUT the KABOOM.